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Division of Health Sciences 2005 publications

Health Sciences Divisional Office

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Schutte, A E, Shemesh, T, Rowley, K, Best, J D, McDermott, R & O'Dea, K, (2005), 'The metabolic syndrome and changing relationship between blood pressure and insulin with age, as observed in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples', Diabetic Medicine, 22, 1589-1597, 2005

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School of Health Sciences

B - Book Chapter

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C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Smith, C, Martin, K, Hotham, L, Semple, S, Bloustien, G & Rao, D, (2005), 'Naturopaths practice behaviour: provision and access to information on complementary and alternative medicines', BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 5, (15), 1-8, 2005

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E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

Drummond, M, (2004), 'Men's bodies and the meaning of masculinity', , Melbourne, Australia, Ian Potter Museum of Art Masculinities Symposium, (H Gaughan, Eds), 2005

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School of Nursing and Midwifery

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

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E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

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School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

B - Book Chapter

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C1 - Refereed Journal Article

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