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Division of Health Sciences 2007 publications

Health Sciences Divisional Office

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

McDermott, R, McCulloch, B G, Campbell, S K & Young, D M, (2007), 'Diabetes in the Torres Strait Islands of Australia: better clinical systems but significant increase in weight and other risk conditions among adults, 1999-2005', Medical Journal of Australia, 186, (10), 505-508, (0025-729X), 2007

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School of Health Sciences

B - Book Chapter

Cheek, J, (2007), 'Qualitive Inquiry, Ethics, and the Politics of Evidence: Working Within these Spaces Rather Than Being Worked over by Them', Ethical Futures in Qualitive Research: Decolonizing the Politics of Knowledge, Left Coast Press, US, 99-108, (9-7815-9874-1407), (Norman K. Denzin, Michael D. Giardina Eds), 2007

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C1 - Refereed Journal Article

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E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

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School of Nursing and Midwifery

B - Book Chapter

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C1 - Refereed Journal Article

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