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Ian Wark Research Institute 2002 publications

A1 - Authored research book

Attard, P J, (2002), Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, Academic Press, UK

C1 - Refereed journal article

Addai-Mensah, J, Li, J & Prestidge, C, (2002), 'Aggregation behaviour of gibbsite crystals in supersaturated sodium and potassium aluminate liquors', Developments in Chemical Engineering and Mineral Processing, 10, (5/6), 539-551

Addai-Mensah, J, Li, J & Prestidge, C, (2002), 'The structure and interactions of species in supersaturated caustic aluminate solutions', Developments in Chemical Engineering and Mineral Processing, 10, (5-6), 553-566

Priest, C, Jacobs, K & Ralston, J, (2002), 'Novel approach to the formation of smooth gold surfaces', Langmuir, 18, (6), 2438-2440

Gillies, G S, Prestidge, C & Attard, P J, (2002), 'An AFM study of the deformation and nanorheology of cross-linked PDMS droplets', Langmuir, 18, (6), 1674-1679

Tyrrell, J & Attard, P J, (2002), 'Atomic force microscope images of nanobubbles on a hydrophobic surface and corresponding force-separation data', Langmuir, 18, (1), 160-167

Woodward, N, Snowden, M, Chowdhry, B, Jenkins, P & Larson, I, (2002), 'Measurement of the interaction forces between poly (N-isopropylacrylamide-acrylic acid) migrogel and silica surfaces by colloid probe microscopy', Langmuir, 18, (6), 2089-2095

Gao, Y, Choudhury, N, Matisons, J, Schubert, U & Moraru, B, (2002), 'Inorganic-organic hybrid polymers by polymerization of methacrylate-substituted oxotitanium clusters with methyl methacrylate: thermomechanical and morphological properties', Chemistry of Materials, 14, 4522-4529

Briscoe, W & Attard, P J, (2002), 'Counterion-only electrical double layer: A constrained entropy approach', Journal of Chemical Physics, 117, (11), 5452-5464

Attard, P J, (2002), 'Stochastic molecular dynamics: A combined Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics technique for isothermal simulations', Journal of Chemical Physics, 116, (22), 9616-9619

Miklavcic, S & Attard, P J, (2002), 'Sufficient conditions for the stability and instability of a fluid boundary subjected to local stress', Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 34, (19), 4335-4347

Attard, P J, Moody, M & Tyrrell, J, (2002), 'Nanobubbles: the big picutre', Physica A - Statistical and Theoretical Physics, 314, (1-4), 696-705

Attard, P J & Miklavcic, S, (2002), 'Effective spring description of a bubble or a droplet interacting with a particle', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 247, (1), 255-257

Attard, P J, (2002), 'Friction, adhesion, and deformation: dynamic measurements with the atomic force microscope', Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 16, (7), 753-791

Le-Huy, C, Britcher, L & Matisons, J, (2002), 'The effect of silane concentration on the adsorption of poly (vinyl acetate-co-maleate) and y-methacryloxypropyl-trimethoxysilane onto E-glass fibers', Silicon Chemistry, 1, (3), 195-205

Duan, J, Graham, N & Wilson, F, (2002), 'Coagulation of humic acid by ferric chloride in saline (marine) water conditions', Water Science and Technology, 47, (1), 41-48

Duan, J, Wang, J, Graham, N & Wilson, F, (2002), 'Coagulation of humic acid by aluminium sulphate in saline water conditions', Desalination, 150, 1-14

Peng, Y, Grano, S, Ralston, J & Fornasiero, D, (2002), 'Towards prediction of oxidation during grinding I. Galena flotation', Minerals Engineering, 15, (7), 493-498

Sheridan, M S, Nagaraj, D, Fornasiero, D & Ralston, J, (2002), 'The use of a factorial experimental design to study collector properties of N-allyl-O-alkyl thionocarbamate collector in the flotation of a copper ore', Minerals Engineering, 15, (5), 333-340

Kempson, I, Skinner, W & Kirkbride, K, (2002), 'A method for the longitudinal sectioning of single hair samples', Journal of Forensic Sciences, 47, (4), 889-892

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Gredelj, S, Gerson, A, Kumar, S & Cavallaro, G P, (2002), 'Inductively coupled plasma nitriding of aluminium', Applied Surface Science, 199, 183-194

Gredelj, S, Gerson, A, Kumar, S & Mcintyre, S, (2002), 'Plasma nitriding and in situ characterisation of aluminium', Applied Surface Science, 199, 243-247

Gredelj, S, Gerson, A, Kumar, S & Cavallaro, G P, (2002), 'Interaction of aluminium with stainless steel during plasma nitriding', Applied Surface Science, 193, 189-194

Taylor, M, Morris, G, Self, P & Smart, R, (2002), 'Kinetics of adsorption of high molecular weight anionic poluacrylamide onto kaolinite: the flocculation process', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 250, 25-36

Piantadosi, C & Smart, R, (2002), 'Statistical comparison of hydrophobic and hydrophilic species on galena and pyrite particles in flotation concentrates and tails from TOF-SIMS evidence', International Journal of Mineral Processing, 64, (1), 43-54

Morris, G, Fornasiero, D & Ralston, J, (2002), 'Polymer depressants at the talc-water interface: adsorption isotherm, microflotation and electrokinetic studies', International Journal of Mineral Processing, 67, (1), 211-227

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Provatas, M, Edwards, S & Choudhury, N, (2002), 'Surface finish of injection molded materials by micro-thermal analysis', Thermochimica Acta, 392-393, 339-355

Muster, T H & Prestidge, C, (2002), 'Application of time-dependent sessile drop contact angles on compacts to characterise the surface energetics of sulfathiazole crystals', International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 234, (1-2), 43-54

Muster, T H & Prestidge, C, (2002), 'Face specific surface properties of pharmaceutical crystals', Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 91, (6), 1432-1444

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Galea, T-M & Attard, P J, (2002), 'Constraint method for deriving nonequilibrium molecular dynamics equations of motion', Physical Review E, 66, (4), 0412071-0412077

Gamlin, C, Dutta, N, Choudhury, N, Kehoe, D & Matisons, J, (2002), 'Evaluation of kinetic parameters of thermal and oxidative decomposition of base oils by conventional, isothermal and modulated TGA, and pressure DSC', Thermochimica Acta, 392-393, 357-369

Non-refereed journal articles

Choudhury, N, (2002), 'Polymer activity at the Ian Wark Research Institute', APRI Journal, 29

Britcher, L, Sakuntala, G C & Matisons, J, (2002), 'Synthesis characterisation and themal stability of siloxane-divinyl benzene copolymer by hydrosilation reaction', Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering, 86, 193-194

E1 - Refereed conference paper

Schwarz, S, Grano, S, Fornasiero, D & Ralston, J, (2002), 'Froth behaviour in the presence and absence of model quartz particles', World Congress on Particle Technology 4, Sydney, World Congress on Particle Technology 4, (J Litser, Eds)

Ralston, J, Pyke, B, Grano, S & Fornasiero, D, (2002), 'Prediction of rate constants in flotation', World Congress on Particle Technology 4, Sydney, World Congress on Particle Technology 4, (J Litser, Eds)

Weber, P, Skinner, W, Smart, R & Thomas, J, (2002), 'Influence and management of iron carbonates and framboidal pyrite during ANC tirtation type tests', Putting Principles into Practice, 268-283, Newcastle, NSW, 2002 Sustainable Development Conference incorporating the 27th Annual Environmental Workshop, (M Hooke, Eds)

Non-refereed conference paper

Dutta, N & Tran, N, (2002), 'Ultrahydrophobic low friction surfaces coating by plasma polymerisation', Italian - Australian Technological Innovations Conference and Exhibition 2002, 387-390

Tran, N, Dutta, N & Choudhury, N, (2002), 'Molecular tailoring of elastomer surfaces by plasma polymerisation', Swiss Bonding 02: Fundamentals Technology Application - 16 International Symposium, 102-115

Topfer, O, Moraru, B, Choudhury, N & Matisons, J, (2002), 'Organic-inorganic hybrid with confined POSS Macromer', 25th Australasian Polymer Symposium

Edwards, S, Provatas, M, Choudhury, N & Matisons, J, (2002), 'Structural and phase morphology inflluences on the structure finish of thermoplastics', 25th Australasian Polymer Symposium

Sakuntala, G C & Matisons, J, (2002), 'Synthesis and characterization of novel siloxane based polyviologen', Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering, 82-83

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Gao, Y, (2002), 'Ionomer-clay nanocomposites', 25th Australasian Polyer Symposium

Tran, N, Dutta, N, Choudhury, N & Matisons, J, (2002), 'Plasma polymerisation of perfluro (methylcyclohexane) onto the EPDM substrate surface', Polymer Division: Royal Australain Chemical Institute 25th Australasian Polyer Symposium