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Learning and Teaching Unit 2009 publications

(note that past publications for this unit are under Flexible Learning Centre)

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Bastalich, W, (2009), 'Reading Foucault: Genealogy and Social Science Research Methodology and Ethics', Sociological Research Online: an electronic journal, 14, (2), 1-11, (1360-7804), 2009

Drummond, M, Drummond, C & Birbeck, D, (2009), 'Listening to Children's voices in qualitative health research', Journal of Student Wellbeing, 3, (1), 1-13, (1835-7806), 2009

Faulkner, M & Allan, G, (2009), 'Building Communities of Practice for e-Portfolio Implementation: An Initial Approach by Two Australian Institutions', Learning Communities, December, (2), 31-54, (1329-1440), 2009

Faulkner, M & Corkindale, D, (2009), 'Are experts better than potential users in predicting the uptake of an innovation? Extending the use of the Juster Scale', Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 76, 910-916, (0040-1625), 2009

Johnston, H, Duff, A & Quinn, D, (2009), 'Cutting the cloth to fit new needs and communication preferences', Journal of the Education Research Group of Adelaide, 1, (2), 27-38, (1835-6850), 2009

Loeser, C & Crowley, V, (2009), 'A natural ear for music? Hearing (dis)abled masculinities', Popular Music, 28, (3), 411-424, (0261-1430), 2009

Quinn, D & Shurville, S, (2009), 'From little things big things grow: Scaling-up assessment of experiential learning', Campus-Wide Information Systems: The Journal of Technology on Campus, 26, (5), 329-344, (1065-0741), 2009

Reid, I, (2009), 'The contradictory managerialism of university quality assurance', Journal of Education Policy, 24, (5), 575-593, (0268-0939), 2009

Stevenson, M & Kokkinn, B, (2009), 'Evaluating one-to-one sessions of academic language and learning', Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 3, (2), A-36-A-50, (1835-5196), 2009

E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

Birbeck, D & Andre, K, (2009), 'The Affective Domain: beyond simply knowing', Assessment in Different Dimensions, RMIT, 40-46, Melbourne, Australia, ARN Assessment Conference, (Josephine Lang Eds), 2009

Hicks, M, (2009), 'Understanding experience beyond university: the development of an Employer Feedback Survey', 32nd Annual International HERDSA Conference 2009 The Student Experience, HERDSA, 580-584, Darwin, Australia, 32nd Annual International HERDSA Conference 2009 The Student Experience, (Helen Wozniak & Sonia Bartoluzzi Eds), 2009

Voigt, C, (2009), 'A question of purpose: community-embedded ePortfolios', Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Ascilite Conference, Ascilite, 833-842, Auckland, New Zealand, 26th Annual International Ascilite Conference, (RJ Atkinson & C McBeath Eds), 2009

Wahlstrom, K, Johnston, H & Steketee, C, (2009), 'Scholarly Practice the Australian way: an academic skills course for postgraduate students', Educational Integrity: Creating and Inclusive Approach, University of Wollongong, 1-15, Wollongong, Australia, 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity, (Brian Martin Eds), 2009