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Whyalla 2001 publications

A1 - Authored research book

Dollard, M, Winefield, H & Winefield, A, (2001), Occupational Strain and Efficacy in Human Service Workers, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands

B - Book chapter

Cheers, B & Luloff, A E, (2001), 'Rural community development', Rurality Bites, Pluto Press Australia, Annandale, NSW, 129-142, (S Lockie, L Bourke Eds)

Internal book chapter

Cheers, B & Taylor, J, (2001), 'Social Work in Rural and Remote Australia', Social Work - Fields of Practice, Oxford University Press, 206-219, (M Alston, J McKinnon Eds)

C1 - Refereed journal article

Trainor, B, (2001), 'Social Work, Social Policy and Truth', International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 15, (2), 239-254

Cheers, B, (2001), 'Globalisation and rural communities', Rural Social Work, 6, (3), 28-40

Cheers, B, (2001), 'Social Support in Remote Areas of Australia', Rural Social Work, 6, (1), 4-16

Asquith, M C & Cheers, B, (2001), 'Morals, ethics and practice - in search of social justice', Australian Social Work, 54, (2), 15-26

Trubshaw, E A & Dollard, M, (2001), 'Representation of Work Stress in an Australian Public Hospital', American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, 49, (9), 437-444

Lewig, K A & Dollard, M, (2001), 'Social construction of work stress: Australian newsprint media portrayal of stress at work, 1997-98', Work & Stress, 15, (2), 179-190

Ellis, B, (2001), 'Changing Emphasis in Australian Indigenous Higher Education', History of Education Review, 30, (2), 55-72

Non-refereed journal articles

Trainor, B, (2001), 'Marriage and the State', The Australian Family, 22, (2), 21-27

E1 - Refereed conference paper

Dollard, M, Farrin, J & Heffernan, P, (2001), 'A Model for Improved Health of Rural and Indigenous Australian through Education, Support and Training for Psychologists', 6th National Rural Health Conference Proceedings,  (L Fitzpatrick Eds)

Ellis, B, Cooper, N & Sawyer, J, (2001), 'Bridging studies: An alternative pathway to university for rural Australians', Providing Quality Education and Training for Rural Australians - Conference Proceedings, 89-103, Wagga Wagga, SPERA 17th National Conference 2001, (B Hemmings, C Boylan Eds)

Non-refereed conference paper

Dollard, M, (2001), 'Work stress theory and interventions: From evidence to policy - A case study', The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission on the OHS implications of stress, 3-57

Cheers, B & Lonne, R, (2001), 'Contemporary thinking and research on rural and remote social care: Implications for practice, recruitment and retention', Rural Social Workers' Action Group 5th National Conference, Beechworth 2001, 9-21

Cheers, B & O'Toole, K, (2001), 'Untangling the Mess: Community Strength in Rural Australia', Riding the rapids of Change 2001, 9

Lonne, R & Cheers, B, (2001), 'Personal and Professional adjustment of social workers to rural and remote practice: Implications for improved retention', Proceedings of the Rural Communities and Identities in the Global Millennium, 48-53

Extract/Abstract of conference paper

Lonne, R & Cheers, B, (2001), 'Adjusting to rural practice: A National Study', The 27th Australian Association of Social Workers National Conference, Melbourne 2001, 42

Farrin, J & Dollard, M, (2001), 'Rural youth homelessness: Has the bough broken?', Combined Abstracts of 2001, Australian Psychology Conferences, 150

Cotton, S J & Dollard, M, (2001), 'Flash point in the Third Sector: A Longitudinal study of the 'battle' within the Salvation Army - Unpacking the findings from stage one and discussing the implications for clergy care universally', Combined abstracts of 2001 Australian Psychology Conferences, 144

Dollard, M, Cotton, S J & De Jonge, J, (2001), 'Analysing Student 'Job Design': Satisfaction, Well-being and Productivity', The 10th European Congress on Work and Organisational Psychology, S121

Petkov, J, (2001), 'The Modelling of Spinal Defects using Multivariate statistical techniques', International Biometric Society Australasian Region Biennial Conference and New Zealand Statistical Association Annual Conference 2001, 51

Dollard, M, Casey, S N & Winefield, A, (2001), 'Selection of Correctional Officers', The Tenth European Congress on Work and Organisational Psychology, 457

Dollard, M, Biswas, S & Farrin, J, (2001), 'Rural Work Psychology: What is it and Can it help?', The Tenth European Congress on Work and Organisational Psychology, 456

Edited volume of refereed conference proceedings

Tidwell, P & Muller, T E, (2001), '2000 Asia Pacific Association for Consumer Research Co-Chairs/Proceedings Editors', Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research, McGraw Hill Book Company Australia Pty Ltd