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Whyalla 2002 publications

SA Centre for Rural & Remote Health

Editor of a scholarly book

Wilkinson, D & Blue, I, (2002), The New Rural Health, Oxford University Press

C1 - Refereed journal article

Blue, I & Fitzgerald, M, (2002), 'Interprofessional relations: Case studies of working relationships between Registered Nurses and general practitioners in rural Australia', Journal of Clinical Nursing, 11, (3), 314-321

Taylor, J, Wilkinson, D, Blue, I & Dollard, J, (2002), 'Evidence based rural general practice: Barriers and solutions in South Australia', Rural and Remote Health, 2, (27)

Harvey, P, (2002), 'Sustainable population health: A pressing priority for community wellbeing', Environmental Health, 2, (3), 66-74

Taylor, J, (2002), 'Understanding community participation in rural health service development', Rural Social Work, 7, (2), 36-45

Wilkinson, D, Moodley, P, Connolly, C, Moodley, J & Sturm, A, (2002), 'Trichomonas vaginalis is associated with pelvic inflammatory disease in women infected with human immunodeficiency virus', Clinical Infectious Diseases, 34, 519-522

Laurence, C O & Wilkinson, D, (2002), 'Towards more rural nursing and allied health services: Current and potential rural activity in the Division of Health Sciences of the University of South Australia', Rural and Remote Health, 2

Laurence, C O, Newbury, J & Wilkinson, D, (2002), 'Increasing rural activity and curriculum content in the Adelaide University Medical School', Australian Journal of Rural Health, 10, 220-228

Non-refereed journal articles

Richards, L, Symons, B, Burrow, D, Chartier, A, Misan, G & Wilkinson, D, (2002), 'Undergraduate student experience in dental service delivery in rural South Australia: An analysis of costs and benefits', Australian Dental Journal, 47, (3), 254-258

Crampton, M & Wilkinson, D, (2002), 'The professional development program of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Health', Australian Family Physician, 31, (10), 952-956

Taylor, J, (2002), 'A community taking control of family violence', Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal, 26, (5), 4-6

Non-refereed conference paper

Misan, G & Noone, J, (2002), 'Intern general practice placement in Whyalla', Proceedings of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine Scientific Forum, 46-53

Dollard, J, Littler, K & Wells, K, (2002), 'Falls Preventin for older people in Whyalla living inthe community: A partnership approach', Outback SA Health Promotion Conference 2002 - Taking up the challenge! Health Promotion in Rural South Australia, 309-316


Harvey, P & Misan, G, (2002), ' Sharing health care SA - Project Report #2', SGRHS, SA

Harvey, P & Misan, G, (2002), ' Sharing health care SA - Project Report #1', SGRHS, SA




Whyalla School

Internal book chapter

Ellis, B, Miller, J & Lowings, S, (2002), 'Mostly out of sight, but never out of mind - facilitating the learning of off-campus nursing students', Ways of Learning - The Revolution in Teaching and Learning, Common Ground Publishing Pty Ltd, 49-57, (P Kell, Ed)

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Wendt, S & Cheers, B, (2002), 'Impacts of rural culture on domestic violence', Rural Social Work, 7, (1), 22-32

Wendt, S, Taylor, J & Kennedy, M, (2002), 'Rural domestic violence: moving towards feminist post structural understandings', Rural Social Work, 7, (2), 26-35

Colgan, C & Cheers, B, (2002), 'The problem of justification in social work', Australian Social Work, 55, (2), 109-118

Trainor, B, (2002), 'Post-modernism, truth and social work', Australian Social Work, 55, (3), 204-213

Davidson, R & Bowman, S, (2002), 'Macroradiography using conventional radiographic X-ray equipment', The British Journal of Radiology, 75, (898), 831-836

Hudson, C & Munn, P, (2002), 'Graduate qualities in social work', ultiBASE

Ellis, B & Heffernan, P, (2002), 'Regional campus and global interchange: taking off the monocultural blinkers', ultiBASE

Ellis, B, Sawyer, J, Dollard, M & Boxall, D, (2002), 'Working as rural academics', Education in Rural Australia, 12, (1), 43-50

Mykyta, L & English, J, (2002), 'Geriatric assessment - lessons from personal experience', Australian Health Review, 25, (3), 83-90

English, J & Mykyta, L, (2002), 'Entry One: striving for best practice in professional assessment', Australian Health Review, 25, (2), 129-135

Greenwood, G & Cheers, B, (2002), 'Doctors and nurses in outback Australia: living with bush initiatives', Rural and Remote Health

Greenwood, G & Cheers, B, (2002), 'Women, isolation and bush babies', Rural and Remote Health

Sawyer, J, Dollard, M & Farrin, J, (2002), 'Ergonomic awareness, work environment, health and job satisfaction in computer users', The Journal of Occupational Health and Safety, 18, (3), 247-257

Trainor, B, (2002), ''Statism' and 'anti-juristic moralism' in Bosanquet's political philosophy', ANIMUS, 7, 1-13

Trainor, B, (2002), 'Pluralism, truth, and social democracy', Dissent, Fall 2002, 69-72

Whitelum, B & Cheers, B, (2002), 'Globalisation and local NGOs', Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work, 12, (1), 6-20

Non-refereed journal articles

Trainor, B, (2002), 'Hobbes, Skinner and the person of the state', Hobbes Studies, 14, 59-70

Editor of a scholarly journal

Cheers, B, (2002), Rural Social Work Journal

E1 - Refereed conference paper

Ananthakrishnan, K & Ryan, A, (2002), 'Speaker adaptable voice controlled model-vehicle using energy threshold and MFCC parameters', 9th Australian International Conference on Speech Science & Technology, 220-225, Melbourne, VIC, SST-2002 Melbourne Conference, (C Bow, Ed)

Ananthakrishnan, K & McDermott, K, (2002), 'An innovative study on the integration of research culture into the undergraduate engineering curriculum', Engineering Education, 149-153, Chennai, India, 6th UICEE Annual Conference, (Z Pudlowski, Ed)

Non-refereed conference paper

Ellis, B, (2002), 'Travelling up the lifelong learning curve: A regional odyssey', Changing identities language and academic skills conference


Cheers, B, (2002), The Upper Spencer Gulf Common Purpose Group: A model of Intra-regional cooperation for economic development, Centre for Rural and Regional Development, SA

Harvey, J, (2002), Higher Education Outcomes Study, Centre for Rural and Regional Development, SA

Harvey, J, (2002), University of South Australia (Bachelor of Nursing Whyalla), Department of Education, Training & Youth Affairs, SA