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Whyalla 2004 publications

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Farrin, J, Cheers, B, Jones, J & Venning, E, (2004), 'Reaching out to homeless rural youth: the Whyalla and Upper Eyre Peninsula reconnect project', Rural Social Work, 9, 89-96, 2004

Burgess, C, Cheers, B & Fisher, D, (2004), 'Early intervention parenting assistance for rural and remote families in South Australia', Rural Social Work, 9, 72-80, 2004

Cheers, B, (2004), 'The place of care - rural human services on the fringe', Rural Social Work, 9, 9-22, 2004

Wendt, S C & Cheers, B, (2004), 'Rural cultures and domestic violence: stories from human service workers living in South Australian wine country', Rural Social Work, 9, 97-105, 2004

Lonne, B & Cheers, B, (2004), 'Practitioners speak - balanced account of rural practice, recruitment and retention', Rural Social Work, 9, 244-254, 2004

Lonne, B & Cheers, B, (2004), 'Retaining rural social workers: an Australian study', Rural Society, 14, (2), 163-177, 2004

Oliver, M & Butler, J, (2004), 'Contextualising the trajectory of experience of expert, competent and novice nurses in making decisions and solving problems', Collegian: Journal of Royal College of Nursing, 11, (1), 21-27, 2004

Cayetano-Penman, M J & Oliver, M, (2004), 'Meeting the challenges of assessing clinical placement venues in a Bachelor or Nursing program', Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 1, (2), 59-73, 2004

Cayetano-Penman, M J & Ellis, B, (2004), 'Philippine academic visit: brief but life-changing', International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 1, (1), 1-25, 2004

Cayetano-Penman, M J & Ellis, B, (2004), 'Mutualism in Australian regional university-community links: the Whyalla experience', Queensland Journal of Educational Research, 19, (2), 119-136, 2004

Sawyer, J, (2004), 'Knowledge of ergonomics and computer use of post-graduate students and academic staff', The Journal of Occupational Health and Safety, Australia and New Zealand, 20, (2), 139-153, 2004

Wendt, S C & Cheers, B, (2004), 'Rural cultures, domestic violence, and stories from a rural region', Women Against Violence: An Australian Feminist Journal, 15, (Special Rural Issue), 4-11, 2004

Non-Refereed Journal Articles

Trainor, B, (2004), 'Defending the public interest: The role of the professions', The Institute of Public Affairs Review: A Quarterly Review of Politics and Public Affairs, 56, (1), 18-20

Trainor, B, (2004), 'Terrorism without end. amen.', AQ: Journal of Contemporary Analysis, 76, (4), 11-13

Editor of a Scholarly Journal

Cheers, B, (2004), Rural Social Work (Beyond Geopgraphical & Disciplinary Boundaries - Human Services in Rural Communities)

Cheers, B & Edwards, J, (2004), Health Sociology Review

E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

Cayetano-Penman, M J & Ellis, B, (2004), 'Successful strategies for contributing to lifelong learning in regional, rural, and remote communities', Lifelong Learning: Whose Responsibility and What is Your Contribution? Refereed Papers from the 3rd International Lifelong Learning Conference, 294-300, Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia, (Patrick Alan Danaher, Colin Macpherson, Fons Nouwens and Debbie Orr Eds), 2004

Sawyer, J, (2004), 'Compliance with ergonomic computer use', HFE 2004: Ergonomics for a BIZ-e World - Full Conference Proceedings, 36-45, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, (Ken Horrigan, Justin O'Sullivan, Belinda Cox, Trudy Tilbury and Ken Lorme Eds), 2004

Non-Refereed Conference Paper

Munn, T, (2004), 'Identifying the issues and contradictions of teaching ethical behaviour as a generic value in Australian Universities', Effective Teaching and Learning Conference: Conference Proceedings, 1-6, 2004