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UniSA's Early Career Researcher International Travel Award Recipients

2014: Round 1

Recipient Division Host Details Travel Dates
Kum, Dr Henry EAS (Prof Geri Smyth) - Diverse Teachers for Diverse Learners Research Centre: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland August 2014
Keage, Dr Hannah EAS (Prof Carol Brayne) - University of Cambridge, UK June 2014
Wrench, Dr Alison EAS (Fiona Dowling) - Norwegian School of Sport Sciences & Leeds Metropolitan University, Norway and UK September 2014
Watts, Dr Victoria EAS (Dr Gabriel Lopes) - Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands Sept - Oct 2014
Camferrman, Dr Danny HSC Prof and Vice Chair for Research Mark Jensen) - University of Washington, Seattle, USA Sept - Oct 2014
Thomson, Dr Rebecca HSC (Prof Louise Dye) - University of Leeds, UK June - July 2014
Daniell, Dr Nathan HSC (Denis Bergeron)  - Defence Research and Development Canada, Canada July 2014
Zarnowiecki, Dr Dorota HSC (Prof Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez) - University of Navarra, Spain Oct - Nov 2014
McDonnell, Dr Michelle HSC (Prof U Ziemann) - Tubingen University, Germany July - Aug 2014
Fernandez, Dr Tara IEE  (Prof John Haycock) - University of Sheffield, UK Sept - Oct 2014
Rahman, Dr Md Mizanur IEE (Prof Yannis Dafalias) - University of California - Davis, USA Jan - May 2015
Kamruzzaman, Dr Mohammad IEE (Prof Masaaki Takahashi) - University of Tokyo, Japan Aug - Sept 2014
Chien, Dr Chia-Chi IEE (Prof Carl Werner) - Universitat Dresden, Centre for Regenerative Therapies Dresden - Germany Sept - Oct 2014
Arablouei, Dr Reza IEE (Prof Yih-Fang Huang) - University of Notre Dame, USA Aug - Oct 2014
Wan, Dr Yuan IEE (A/Prof Yaling Liu) - Bionanomechanics Lab Lehigh University Nov - Dec 2014
O'Boyle, Dr Ian BUE (Prof David Hassan) - Ulster Sports Academy, UK Dec - Jan 2015


2013: Round 2

Recipient Division Host Details Travel Dates
Nenycz-Thiel, Dr Magda BUE (Prof Douglas West) - King's College London, UK Jan - April 2014
Corsi, Dr Armando BUE (Prof Mara Thiene and Prof Riccardo Scarpa) - University of Padua, Italy /The University of Waikato, NZ May - July 2014
van der Veen, Dr Robert BUE (Prof Haiyan Song) - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University November 2013
Lee, Dr Sunny BUE (Dr Richard Shipway) - Bournemouth University, UK June - July 2014
Qian, Dr Wei BUE (Dr Stefan Schaltegger) - Leuphana University Luneburg, Germany April - May 2014
Simpson, Dr Adam EAS (Dr Lee Jones) - Queen Mary University of London, UK March - April 2014
Jamil, Dr Uzma EAS (Prof Cecile Rousseau) - McGill University, Canada Nov - Dec 2013
Soong, Dr Hannah EAS (Prof Amy Stambach) - University of Oxford, UK May 2014
Walton, Dr Saige EAS (Prof Sean Cubitt) - The University of London, UK Dec - March 2014
Zhang, Dr Wei IEE (Prof Dion Dionysiou)- University of Cincinnati, USA Nov - Dec 2013
Palanisami, Dr Thavamani IEE (Prof P Radhakrishnan) - Institute of Advanced Studies, India Nov - Feb 2014
Sekine, Dr Ryo IEE (Prof Chris Grovenor) - Oxford University, UK March - May 2014
Tay, Dr Steven IEE (Prof Luisa Cabeza) - University of Lleida, Spain May - June 2014
Keppel, Dr Gunnar IEE (Prof Thomas Gillespie) - University of California Los Angeles, USA June - July 2014
Liu, Dr Xiaokong IEE (Prof Lixin Wu) - Jilin University, China Aug - Oct 2014
Hill, Dr Alison HSC (Prof Penny Kris-Etherton) - Pennsylvania State University, USA May 2014
Fielder, Dr Andrea HSC (Hendree Jones) - University of North Carolina, USA Feb - Nov 2014
Schranz, Dr Natasha HSC (Mark Tremblay) - Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute, Canada April - May 2014
Yazbek, Dr Roger HSC (Michael Phillips) - New Jersey Institute of Technology, Menssana Research, USA January 2014