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Ethics and Integrity provides administrative support services to ensure your research is conducted in a responsible manner, complying with the requirements of legislation, policies and procedures, codes and guidelines.

Activities that require approval

With the exception of some human research activities, all teaching or research activities that use the following participants/material, require you to submit an application for approval. Information about approval procedures as well as permits and/or permissions required is accessible from the following links.

Approval may be required from more than one committee if your project/activity uses a variety of participants/material. (For example, approval must be gained from both HREC and the Radiation Safety Committee if the project subjects participants to an X-ray.)

This site provides information and support for staff and students who wish to undertake research within the University.

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research:

  • outline the responsibilities of institutions and researchers
  • situate responsible conduct and research ethics within research governance
  • specify that institutions must foster and support a culture of ethical and responsible conduct.

* Please note: It does not matter whether you are extracting the biological material for the purpose of the project, using the product of another project, or importing the product from another organisation etc. If any part of your project involves the use of biological material, ethics approval must be sought from the relevant Committee.