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Ethics Review Process

Step-by-step Application Process

Step 1
Applicants logon to online ethics system and navigate their way through the application by answering a number of questions.

Step 2
Once the application is completed, the applicant submits the application for review.

Step 3
Upon submission, the Ethics System assesses the risk associated with the project (based on the requirements of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007), legislation, relevant codes and guidelines and University compliance requirements).

Step 4
The Ethics System forwards the completed application to the relevant committee group for review.

Step 5
The Committee Review Group reviews the application online and enters their decision.

Step 6
The applicant is notified of the review outcome via email. The research activity must not commence until ethics approval is finalised.

Workflow stages of an online ethics application

Figure 1: Workflow stages of an ethics application

PS = Principal Supervisor
ECO = Ethics and Compliance Officer