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Guidelines for Evaluation Activities - including UniSA Students and Staff

The following document provides guidelines for evaluation activities involving students or staff at UniSA. For the purpose of these guidelines, 'evaluation activities' may include methods such as surveys or focus groups and are often related to teaching and learning or the student experience. They include corporate evaluation instruments used to evaluate courses, programs, teachers or University products or services.

Guidelines for evaluation activities involving UniSA students and staff (PDF)

General principles

The following principles should be considered when determining whether or not it is necessary to apply for formal ethics approval for an evaluation activity:

  1. Evaluation which is conducted solely for the purpose of internal quality assurance, and which will not be published or presented externally, does not require formal ethics approval
  2. Evaluation data gathered internally may be included in external publications and presentations without formal ethics approval provided:
    • The data was gathered on-line or in writing;
    • The responses were provided voluntarily;
    • The anonymity of the respondents is maintained; and
    • Respondents were advised of the possibility that the data could be used for evaluation purposes. Suggested statement: Data collected through this survey will be used to inform improvements at UniSA and could also be used in external publications and presentations. Individual responses will remain confidential and no individuals will be identified.

  3. Data gathered verbally (e.g. through focus groups, interviews) in which the anonymity of the respondents is compromised requires formal ethics approval in order to be included in external publications and presentations
  4. The use of evaluation data relating to more than one staff member requires written permission from all relevant staff members in order to be included in external publications and/or presentations.
  5. All other research requires formal ethics approval from UniSA's Human Research Ethics Committee prior to commencement. Please note that ethics approval cannot be granted retrospectively.
  6. The use of corporate evaluation data (e.g CEI and SET) for external publication and/or presentation requires written permission from the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, who may consult with other relevant senior managers as appropriate