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Human Research Ethics

Research involving human participants must not proceed without ethics approval

All human interaction, including human research, has ethical dimensions. Responsibility for the ethical design, review and conduct of human research is exercised at many levels. While the processes of ethical review are important, individual researchers and the institutions within which they work hold primary responsibility for ensuring that their research is ethically acceptable. Research involving human participants should also meet appropriate professional and cultural standards and legal requirements.

All staff and students who wish to undertake a research project involving humans (including direct collection of data, accessing data from databases and/or collection of human tissues/samples etc) must apply for ethics approval from the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee using the Online Human Research Ethics Application and Review System (online ethics system).

UniSA is guided by the:

The University's research policies are consistent with these guidelines and state and federal legislation. Under national guidelines the UniSA HREC is obliged to gather certain information before ethics approval can be granted.