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Online Human Research Ethics Application -
Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

Getting Started

Viewing and Responding to/Resolving Comments

Error messages

If you have any other questions, not included in this FAQ help, you can refer to the User Guides or contact humanethics@unisa.edu.au.

I am unable to login to the Online Ethics system using my UniSA network username and password.

If you have difficulty accessing the Online Ethics system, please forward a request for access to the Ethics system to humanethics@unisa.edu.au with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Staff or Student ID
  • School/institute
  • UniSA username
  • Email address

I cannot find my supervisor listed using the search function.

If your supervisor is external to the University, they may need to be added to the system. Please email their full name, position held, University/Organisation name, and contact details to humanethics@unisa.edu.au and we will create an account for them.

I have set myself as a Primary but the table still displays ‘No’ under the Primary column.

Ensure that you click the green check icon after setting yourself as a Primary (Chief Investigator). Note that as a default, the Applicant is assigned the role of Chief Investigator.

I have received an email notifying me that changes need to be made to my application, how do I view the reviewer‘s comments?

First, check if there are Application Comments attached to your application, by looking for a white flag beside the Application title. To view this comment you will need to click on the Application Comment icon in the toolbar on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Application Comments

In order to view Page Comments on your application, check the sections which have the flag next to them (Hint: Click the Expand link). Go to the specific page where the flag is located. Then, click the Page Comments icon on the toolbar.

Page Comments

You should see the Action Notes created by the ECO or Committee Review Group. Click the link on the Comments column to view the whole comment.

Full Comment

I am the Principal Supervisor of an Applicant, and have received an email saying I need to review my student's response to the comments. How do I do this?

To view the comments, please refer to the instructions under I have received an email notifying me that changes need to be made to my application, how do I view the reviewer‘s comments?.

To review your student's response to reviewers' comments, check that they have made the required changes and/or uploaded any requested supporting documents within the application. Then, you will need to mark the comments as 'resolved', by re-opening the page comments view, checking the tick box next to each individual Action Note, and then selecting 'Mark Selected Comments as Resolved'.

Mark Comments as Resolved

What is the difference between Application Comments and Page comments?

Application Comments apply to the application overall, whereas Page Comments are comments which apply to the current page.

What is the difference between Action Notes and General Notes?

Action Notes require the Applicant to respond to the comment and mark the item as being 'responded' to before the application can progress to the next stage. General Notes do not require an 'action' from the Applicant, but should be viewed.

Please note that Action Notes must be addressed and responded to before the application can be resubmitted and ethics approval can be granted.

I have responded to the reviewer‘s comments, why can‘t I resubmit my application?

Once you have read and understood the Action Note(s), and made the required changes to your Application, you need to mark the comments as being 'responded to'.

To do this, re-open the Comment and check the tick box next to the Action Note. Then select 'Mark Selected Comments as Responded' located above the comments table.

Full Comment

The value of the Responded column will change from No to Yes.The flag marker for the page will also change from red to yellow, indicating that the action note for that page has been responded to.

You must complete this for all Action Notes in your application. Once all action items and general comments have been responded to, the Application can be resubmitted by selecting the Action tab and clicking Submit.

Can I print all the comments entered for my Application?

Yes, you can print both the form and comments with this updated Ethics System. Select the Reports icon, then select the Comments Report for the Document, and click the OK button.

I receive an error message when uploading multiple attachments.

The system only accepts a maximum of ten attachments. If you have more than ten, combine the multiple files into one zip file so that the maximum of ten is not exceeded.

The Ethics system displays "The RME.NET application encountered an unexpected problem". What does it mean and what action should I take?

Ethics error

Logout and then login to the system again. The system displays this error if idle for some time. You can start from where you left off, after logging in.