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Insurance cover for your project

Approval of your ethics protocol by Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) normally means that you are covered by the University's insurance policies in relation to your research project.

However, you must complete this form:

Research Project Insurance Application

if your research falls within one or more of the descriptions below:

  • involves a 'professional service' for which UniSA staff or students have obtained qualifications
  • poses a physical risk to researchers, students or participants (where injury appears possible or likely)
  • involves treatment or testing on human/animal participants
  • involves questionnaires/surveys/information gathering in relation to a psychological condition/trauma/illness or history of such, or collection of personal data
  • is to be conducted in a hospital/clinic/consultancy/professional treatment area
  • involves participation or sponsorship by a third party such as a hospital/clinic/consultancy/professional service provider/other researcher/University
  • involves research in remote areas or outside of Australia
  • if animals are involved in the study and have a high intrinsic value eg racehorses, stud bulls or rams, some genetically modified strains or if:
    • the animals are owned by a third party
    • there is an assessment that handling may present some risks to researchers or others employed to assist
    • the animals are housed off University or SA Pathology property

The University's Insurance Officer will provide confirmation of insurance cover for your research project. To finalise ethics approval, you will then need to submit this confirmation to Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)