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Broader definition of research

Excerpt from the Australian Code, page 2. RAE (2005). Reference: RAE 2008 Research Assessment Exercise: Guidance on Submissions (PDF file, 256kb), RAE 03/2005. See Annex B 'Definition of research for the RAE'.

Box A.1 Definition of research used in the United Kingdom Research Assessment Exercise

Research is defined as that which:

'…includes work of direct relevance to the needs of commerce, industry, and to the public and voluntary sectors; scholarship; the invention and generation of ideas, images, performances, artefacts including design, where these lead to new or substantially improved insights; and the use of existing knowledge in experimental development to produce new or substantially improved materials, devices, products and processes, including design and construction.

It excludes routine testing and routine analysis of materials, components and processes such as for the maintenance of national standards, as distinct from the development of new analytical techniques. It also excludes the development of teaching materials that do not embody original research.' 2

 Here the term 'scholarship' has the particular meaning:

'…the creation, development and maintenance of the intellectual infrastructure of subjects and disciplines, in forms such as dictionaries, scholarly editions, catalogues and contributions to major research databases.'