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ARC Linkage Projects Resources - LP17 'continuous' submission

Linkage Project - Key Dates

The ARC has introduced a process of continuous submission and assessment for its Linkage Projects scheme. This means that the 'external due date' is effectively set by the applicant, taking into account the quality/competitiveness of the proposal and its compliance with the scheme Funding Rules and Instructions to Applicants.

If you will be unable to submit your application to RIS for internal review by 27 November and then to the ARC by 19 December, please contact your Divisional Grant Developer and/or RIS Application Support contact.

Event Due Date Requirements
LP17 Round Opens in RMS  

Round opens in RMS

(Updated) Instructions to Applicants and FAQ available on ARC website

Application development including review Please contact your Divisional Grant Developer for grant development advice and timelines

Please contact your RIS Application Support Officer for preliminary advice on matters related to compliance, eligibility, RMS accounts etc

'Internal' Deadline and Divisional Approval Minimum three weeks before the proposed submission date
  • Last 'internal deadline':
    Monday 27 November 2017.
  • Complete, near final draft proposal in RMS. Must include all parts, including final PO letters of support, budget and budget justifications.
  • Submission of your complete proposal to RIS for compliance review will effectively set the earliest date for submission to the ARC.
Important Note: Linkage Project applications submitted for internal review during the major grant submission period (Jan-Apr) may have longer turnaround times. Please allow at least three weeks during these peak times.
Request not to assess At the time of application submission

External Deadline

  • Any time up to Tuesday 19 December 2017
  • Completed and signed certification forms must be provided for all CIs, PIs and POs before the proposal will be submitted to the ARC.
  • Note: RIS will not accept proposals for submission in 2017 after 27 November.


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Key Contacts

RIS Application Support Team Mark Geier (EASS & BUE) - 23256
Michelle Chen (ITEE) - 25292
Grant Developers/
Research Coordinators
Mark Saunders (ITEE inc FII)
Lareen Newman (EASS)
Charlotte Ferrier (HSC)
David Beecham (BUE)
Academic Library Services Christine Cother (ITEE) - 23120
Diana Hodge (EASS) - 24643
Anthony Stevens (HSC) - 22697
Julie Hockey (BUE) - 20145