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Crowd sourced public donations


Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way to raise funds for a project by asking a large number of people for small amounts of money via an online platform. The introduction of CROWDFUNDING@UniSA ensures we are providing a greater diversity of opportunities for researchers to access funding with dedicated support from both Advancement Services and the Research and Innovation Portfolio. It allows us to engage a new generation of donors who are attracted by the transparency of donating directly to a project and the perceived immediate impact of their funding.

We are looking for UniSA-led projects aligned with the University's Research Themes which will have broad community appeal. Each crowdfunding campaign will be listed for 90 days. Whilst some projects have had phenomenal success and raised millions of dollars, campaigns typically raise between $10,000 and $40,000. It is expected that during the campaign, the project team will actively promote and market the project to encourage donations, meet the needs of the donors, provide donors with updates on how the donations have been utilised and details of project outcomes.

Applicants intending to apply are strongly encouraged to consider the details of the scheme, including conditions of award, outlined in the
Instructions to Applicants.


The Leading academic must be prepared to commit their own funds towards the project (PD or personal funds, PD funds utilised must be from an external source), the minimum donation is outlined below:

  1. Early Career Researchers (less than 5 years post PhD award) - $500;

  2. Senior Academic (level D or E) - $1,500;

  3. HDR student-led projects, the Senior Academic on the team is required to donate $1,500 to the project

The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Innovation will contribute $1 for every $5 raised. This contribution is provided only if the nominated optimal level funding target is reach, is capped at $20,000 and excludes donations from the Lead Academic.

Key Eligibility Information

Applicants must be an academic or Higher Degree Research student of the University of South Australia

Each team must include a Senior Academic.

The project must align with one of the University's Research Themes.

Key Dates

Applications close 30 October 2017.

Application Process  

Please download the application form and complete all relevant sections.

Applications will be reviewed in two stages:
  1. The relevant Theme Steering Groups will meet and make recommendations to the Crowdfunding Selection Panel.
  2. The Crowdfunding Selection Panel will determine which projects are promoted on the platform.

Submit completed application form to: DVCResearch@unisa.edu.au


Resources for Applicants

Key Contacts