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Research Themes Investment Scheme - Overview

Please check this webpage regularly for updates.


The Research Theme Investment Scheme (RTIS) supports research activity that is aligned with UniSA's Research Themes.

Research Themes

The Scheme comprises of the following two streams:

Stream 1: Seed Funding - To support the formation or development of research that spans across traditional disciplinary boundaries, and that builds collaborative partnerships.

Stream 2: Development Funding Thematic Postgraduate Support - To develop and strengthen an existing transdisciplinary partnership, via the provision of a HDR scholarship. A range of scholarship support options are available for domestic and international students, for a duration of 3-3.5 years.

2016  RTIS - Development Funding 2017  RTIS - Development Funding
2016  RTIS - Seed Funding

 2017  RTIS - Seed Funding