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Who we are - Lecturers in Research Education

Lecturers in Research Education provide workshops, online resources and individual advice and assistance to PhD, Professional Doctorate and Masters by Research candidates and supervisors.

A range of Research Education Programs, Writers' Circles and Academic Development Workshops are provided as part of the University wide Research Education Support Activities (RESA).

To make an appointment with one of the research education team, please email them directly, using the links below

Research Education staff

Dr Wendy Bastalich

City East

Wendy Bastalich  

Lecturer in Research Education (education, arts, social sciences and business)

  • Research writing, social philosophy, research management in education, arts, social sciences and business

Bastalich, W. (2010). 'Knowledge economy and research innovation'. Studies in Higher Education, 35(7) pp. 845-857

Bastalich, W. (2011). 'Beyond the local/general divide: English for academic purposes and process approaches to cross disciplinary, doctoral writing support'. Higher Education Research & Development, 30(4) pp. 449-462

Dr Monica Behrend

City East

Monica Behrend

Lecturer in Research Education (international)

  • English for research writing (English as an additional language)
  • Research writing across all disciplines

Behrend, M. (2014). 'Engeström's activity theory as a tool to analyse online resources embedding academic literacies'. Journal of Academic Language & Learning, 8(1) pp. 109-120.

Bastalich, W. Behrend, M. & Bloomfield, R. (2014). 'Is non-subject based research training a 'waste of time', good only for the development of professional skills? An academic literacies perspective'. Teaching in Higher Education, 19(4) pp. 373-384

Dr Judith Ford

Mawson Lakes

Judy Ford

Lecturer in Research Education (science, engineering and technology)

  • Research writing and research management in science, engineering and technology
  • Communicating research to researchers and the wider community

Ford, JH. (2013). 'Reduced quality and accelerated follicle loss with female reproductive aging - does decline in theca dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) underlie the problem?' J. Biomedical Science 2013, 20:93 1-9

Judy Ford interview on ABC 891's Mornings show with Ian Henschke on the science of human fertility, Monday 28 April 2014.

Dr Cassandra Loeser

City East

Cassandra Loeser

Lecturer in Research Education

  • Advice and information for supervisors relating to research supervision practice and the scholarship of research education.

Loeser, C. (2013). 'The rapture of the ride: Hearing (dis)abled masculinities in motorcycling'. Journal of Sociology.

Bastalich, W., Behrend, M., Bloomfield, R., Ford, J., Loeser, C. & McCulloch, A. (2010). 'Communicating research: audiences, academics and research students'. Educating Researchers for the 21st Century: Proceedings of the 9th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference, Canberra: Australian National University

Professor Alistair McCulloch

City East

Alistair McCulloch

Head: Research Education

  • Advice and information for supervisors relating to research supervision practice and the scholarship of research education.

McCulloch, A. (2013). 'The quest for the PhD: a better metaphor for doctoral education'. International Journal for Researcher Development, 4(1) pp. 55-66

McCulloch, A. & Thomas, L. (2013). 'Widening participation to doctoral education and research degrees: a research agenda for an emerging policy issue'. Higher Education Research & Development, 32(2) pp. 214-227

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email: ltu@unisa.edu.au

Learning and Teaching Unit (LTU) offices are located on each metropolitan campus.

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