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Working with research students

Research students place a great degree of trust in their supervisors and expect them to know all about the University and what it offers them. One of the things UniSA provides its research students is a suite of resources through Research Education Support Activities (or RESA as it is usually called).

If you want to know more about the online resources UniSA makes available to its research students, the following webpage includes links to them and also to the RESA activities with which research students are expected to engage: Online workshops, courses and resources index - getting started.  

Some research students find it difficult to attend RESA workshops in person and, to make support available more widely, UniSA has developed RESA Online. RESA Online is worth recommending to all students whether or not they are studying off-campus and its also worth your while as a supervisor looking through the type of advice and support your students will get from the RESA program which is put together by staff from the Learning and Teaching Unit's Research Education Team and the Graduate Research Centre.

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