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Research degree students

Welcome to the research degree students website. From degree milestones and important dates to opportunities on offer and information about support services, this website is one of your chief information sources.

Take a look at the left-hand menu and quick links to find out more.

Workshops and resources

Check out our workshop offerings – lots of support for methodology, writing, finding information and more...

Supporting your research

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start in seeking help and advice. Our staff are experienced in all research degree matters and can provide timely advice on processes and policy – including scholarships.

Get in touch: email research.students@unisa.edu.au, phone +(618) 8302 5880, or drop into the office at level 1, 101 Currie Street, Adelaide – we're open 9am-5pm weekdays.


Research Degree Orientation

The induction to your research degree consists of a number of activities designed to ensure you have a positive start to your research degree, and have all of the information to be an effective, safe and responsible research candidate.

To complete your induction you are required to undertake the following:

  •   Meetings with key people in your School and Division

  • Completion of your induction checklist

  •  Attendance at the Research Degree Orientation event, held twice per year

  •  Completion of your online orientation, available here (Registration key HDROrientation2018)