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Welcome Meeting, Research Induction Plan and Statement of Agreement

Within two weeks of commencing your candidature, you need to arrange to meet your supervisor(s) for your welcome meeting.

Your Research Induction Plan should be prepared as part of this meeting.

The following resources will help you meet the requirements of this milestone.

You'll definitely need:
You might need:

Welcome Meeting

One of the main goals of the welcome meeting is to negotiate the activities you will undertake and discuss your respective expectations.

These expectations will be around:

  • your supervisors' involvement in elements of the thesis writing
  • agreement on the important matters of plagiarism, intellectual property (IP) and authorship on publications – this may also require a Student Participation Agreement

This is a good time for your supervisors to be clear about their responsibilities as principal and co/associate supervisors of your candidature.

The Research Induction Plan (PDF 708KB) ensures that important matters have been covered during this meeting and at other local induction sessions.

Statement of Agreement

Use the Statement of Agreement (PDF 169KB) as an opportunity to maximise your research education experience. It forms the basis of your Reviews of Progress.

Please also refer to Information about the Statement of Agreement (.doc, 95KB).

Guidelines for the Statement of Agreement (Academic regulations for higher degrees by research)

  1. The Statement of Agreement is negotiated between the research degree student, principal supervisor and Research Education Portfolio Leader (or equivalent) to document specific and negotiated expectations, responsibilities and roles that each party has. It also records individual tasks/milestones that are agreed upon.  
  2. The Statement of Agreement forms the basis of all future reviews of progress.  
  3. The Statement of Agreement should be signed by the Associate Dean: Research Education to approve the individual plan for the student is approved or if another course of action is required.  
  4. The Statement of Agreement should include:
    1. an induction in the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research
    2. ethics approval requirements
    3. rules on plagiarism and copyright
    4. the University's Authorship Policy
    5. negotiated research development and training, including Research Education Support Activities
    6. agreed supervisor/student involvement
    7. Intellectual Property policy and requirements
    8. the research degree student's Individual Research Plan for the period of their candidature, including a Statement of Minimum Resources signed off by the head of school (or authorised person) and approved by the relevant Associate Dean: Research Education.  
  5. The Statement of Agreement should be signed off by the student and principal supervisor at the same time the Research Proposal is submitted and is reviewed as part of the Confirmation of Candidature process.  
  6. Where progress varies from the approved Statement of Agreement, or where there have been changes during candidature affecting the Statement of Agreement, an updated Statement of Agreement should be developed and approved by the relevant Associate Dean: Research Education. The updated Statement of Agreement is to be submitted with the Review of Progress to Graduate Research, Candidature and retained on the student's file.