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Research scholarships at UniSA - the student experience

UniSA offers a broad range of scholarships to both domestic and international students during their research degree candidature.

Research degree scholarships provide valuable financial assistance to support you and your research study. You may have already received a scholarship to study at UniSA. Whilst you are studying, why not take advantage of scholarships for current students to help with travel and other requirements you may have whilst doing your research degree?


Lisa Papatraianou
Maurice de Rohan International Scholarship

Lisa PapatraianouI was recently awarded the Maurice de Rohan International Scholarship to travel to the United Kingdom. I was invited by Professor Peter K Smith, Head of the Unit for School and Family Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London, to take up a position as visiting doctoral researcher in 2011.

Whilst in the UK, I will conduct a stage of data collection for my doctoral studies, as well as visit other research intensive universities. I will be attending a resilience seminar at the University of Brighton, with Michael Unger, an internationally renowned resilience researcher, presenting a Keynote. During this time, I also hope to travel to Finland to present my doctoral research at a technology conference. I plan to spend time visiting schools in order to experience teaching in an international context.  

I also chose UniSA to do my research degree because of the range of additional scholarships available to students for International travel or academic development. I have also received the Division of EAS Full Spectrum Scholarship which provides an additional top-up to my scholarship, as well providing the funds to do my Graduate Certificate in University Teaching, which I am close to completing.

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