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Study optionsCentre for Sleep Research: Cockpit

Programs and courses are available in either the Human Factors and Safety Management Systems stream, or the Occupational Health and Safety Management stream.

Both sets of programs have been designed to provide students with a comprehensive set of core knowledge and practical skills in their chosen area. The programs have been designed at three different levels, providing the opportunity for progression from a Graduate Certificate, to a Graduate Diploma, right through to a Masters degree. Each level builds upon the previous level, with each representing the equivalent of one-semester of full time study.

  • Graduate Certificate = Basic Knowledge and Core Skills
  • Graduate Diploma = Specialised Knowledge and Advanced Skills
  • Masters = Advanced Knowledge and Specific Research Skills

The three programs share a set of common objectives. Each program has been designed such that students can:

  • develop new knowledge and skills;
  • apply new competencies across a wide range of industries;
  • interface with international experts at on-campus block courses;
  • share experiences with fellow students from different industries;
  • engage in project work within your own workplace; and
  • access enhanced employment opportunities.

Experience. The Difference

Building industry experience into our study programs is one of UniSA’s highest priorities. The UniSA programs in Human Factors and Safety Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Management provide the perfect mix between advanced theory, cutting-edge research, and practical application. The academic staff involved in the design and delivery of the programs all have significant experience working with industry on providing timely and cost-effective solutions to real-world problems. This industry-based focus is transferred to the programs, and students are guaranteed a program of study that is relevant to their needs.

The focus on competency development and application across a diverse range of industries is the essential ingredient in employability, and the UniSA programs are designed to provide graduates with a real advantage in today’s job market.