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Safety and Wellbeing

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Safety success is built on a foundation of knowledge

The University of South Australia is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and study environment for our employees, students, contractors, labour hire, volunteers, visitors and others associated with university business. This commitment is expressed in the Health Safety & Injury Management Policy.

The University is a self insured employer and we endeavour to continually improve our processes through regular monitoring and review. Our University Council, Audit and Risk Management Committee and Senior Management Group provide leadership, direction and oversight of our safety system and injury management program.

The Safety and Wellbeing web pages are designed to assist University personnel through the provision of information on a broad range of subjects. Some of the key subjects include:

Health and Safety Priorities

A set of five (5) health and safety strategic priorities have been set for the University for the period 2016-2018, they include:

The health and safety local action plan template reflects the strategic priorities for focus at the local level. Heads and Directors consider how they can address these priorities within their area of responsibility.