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Hazard / Incident Reporting System User Guide

The logging process is a series of forms organized into a wizard. The system has in-built work flows and business rules based on the information entered by the user. Auto-generated email notifications are sent to appropriate UniSA employees after an occurrence is logged, investigated and closed.

The Safety and Wellbeing Unit:

The system is accessible through the Staff Portal with single sign on security, using existing user name and password from anywhere in the world (assuming an internet connection) at any time of the day or night.

For more information on how to use the system, refer to the following links:

Quick Guide (QG) 1-  Introduction (pdf 187kb)
Quick Guide (QG) 2 - Know the environment (pdf 189kb)
Quick Guide (QG) 3 - How to login (pdf 521kb)
Quick Guide (QG) 4 - Definitions (pdf 351kb)