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Which report form do I complete?

There are five (5) different online report forms.

*To ensure accuracy of data maintained in the system, please select carefully from the following:-


A situation or object that has the potential to harm a person, the environment or cause damage to property. Hazards may include, but are not limited to, noisy or unguarded machinery, chemicals, electricity, working at heights, a repetitive task or poorly designed workplace/workstation.

Near Miss:

An incident that could have resulted in injury or illness to a person, danger to health and/or damage to property or the environment but did not.

Injury / Illness:

An incident that causes bodily harm to a person.


An incident that has led to the death of a person.


A significant critical incident involving multiple people - injury/illness may not have occurred or may not be known at the time of reporting. Some examples include: an uncontrolled explosion; fire; flood; food poisoning; structural collapse; natural disaster.

An event may have duration where circumstances/effects occur over a period of time i.e. a fire that continues for multiple hours.