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  • Mental Health Education
    Click here to access the 3 mental health online modules and for the face to face seminar at one of the 5 locations, click here.

  • Work:Life Integration not Balance
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  • UniSA staff wellbeing survey 2015
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  • Feeling stressed and you would like to talk to someone?
    The Employee Assistance Program is available to help you and your immediate family

  • Skin checks
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Welcome to the University's wellbeing website.

This website provides information, resources and UniSA initiatives that support staff wellbeing. Initiatives are summarised under myBenefits.

Staff wellbeing is a priority in UniSA's Safety and Wellbeing Strategic Plan 2016-2018. In particular, there is a focus on creating a workplace and learning environment that supports and nurtures the mental wellbeing of our staff and students so that they can thrive and perform at their best.

Your wellbeing is influenced by:

  • Relationships - having positive and supportive relationships in your life
  • Mental - dealing with life's challenges and participating fully in life
  • Physical - being in good health and having enough energy
  • Career - liking and engaging in what you do each day
  • Financial - being satisfied with your standard of living
  • Community - sharing a common purpose and engaging with those around you

However, your wellbeing is not just impacted by how these elements farewellbeing apple individually, but more importantly by how these six elements interact.

These elements are important to everyone's overall wellbeing and an individual's wellbeing is shaped by the collective condition of all of them. However, the weighting of each element and how it impacts overall wellbeing will be different for each person.

If you would like to get involved in wellbeing initiatives in your local area, have a look at the UniSA wellbeing initiatives for the wellbeing element that interests you on this website, or contact your divisional WHS contact or local HR representative. For more information about the UniSA wellbeing program, please contact the Wellbeing Team.

Click here for the UniSA Staff Wellbeing Calendar of Events and Initiatives we recommend.

Relationship Wellbeing

- having positive, supportive relationships in your life

Relationship wellbeing is impacted by all of the regular interactions in your life. Not only does it include the personal connections you have with your family and friends, but it includes those interactions that you have with colleagues, students and stakeholders during the course of your work. Your relationship wellbeing will be higher if the interactions that you have with people on a regular basis are usually supportive, positive and respectful.

UniSA initiatives that support relationship wellbeing

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Mental Wellbeing

- dealing with life's challenges well and participating fully in life

Mental wellbeing is about enjoying and fully participating in life through meaningful activities and fulfilling relationships. It's about dealing with life's challenges effectively and being resilient enough to bounce back when things don't go well. Mental wellbeing is also about using your abilities and strengths to reach your full potential and feeling a sense of purpose about the things that you do.

UniSA initiatives that support mental wellbeing

Our goal is to raise awareness and understanding of mental illness so that our people can be supported in the workplace while they manage their illness. To achieve this we have included a requirement in local WHS action plans for staff who have responsibility for others to undertake one education option. We have brought together a selection of different options for education but the 'Understanding Mental Health Issues in Your People', a 25-minute online learning module or the 'Managing Staff with Mental Health Issues' seminar is recommended as an effective way to meet the local action plan requirement.

UniSA's Staff Wellbeing Program offers 3 Mental Health modules online:

  1. Introduction to Stress & Resilience
  2. Understanding Mental Health Issues in your People
  3. Managing Staff with Mental Health Issues (face to face seminar also available)

Please click here to access the Bupa modules online and register using a new username and password (please do not use your UniSA password):

You can also register for the face to face mental health seminar (Managing Staff with Mental Health Issues). Click here to book your spot at one of the 5 locations for the 2-hour seminar.

There are additional development and education options available that support mental health and enhancing individual capabilities; click here for the Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit of Resources.

Health education and management



  • Prevention / Intervention


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  • Physical Wellbeing

    - being in good health and having enough energy

    Physical wellbeing is about being in good health so that you have enough energy to get the things you need and want to get done each day. People with high physical wellbeing have an absence of illness, or if they do have an illness, it is well managed. Physical wellbeing is improved by doing physical activity, getting enough sleep, eating well and looking after your body.

    The Sleep Health Foundation report by Deloitte Access Economics says four in 10 Australian adults don't get adequate sleep and half of those experience ongoing pathologically high levels of daytime sleepiness.

    Four controllable factors increase poor sleep and risks:

    1.  Lifestyle choices
    2.  Shift work
    3.  Excessive work hours
    4.  Impact of lighting and technology

    Refer to the Quick links on getting a good night's sleep and if you would like to find out more about UniSA's activities, please visit the Centre for Sleep Research website.

    UniSA initiatives that support physical wellbeing


    Health education and management


    Prevention / intervention




    Massage is not supported as a UniSA workplace wellbeing activity due to a serious injury to a staff member whilst receiving a massage. Please contact the UniSA Physiotherapy Clinic if you would like an assessment or treatment.



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    Career Wellbeing

    - liking and engaging in what you do each day

    Career wellbeing is about liking what you do each day. It's about doing work that engages you so much that you sometimes lose track of time. Career wellbeing is about applying your strengths to your work each day. It is also about doing something that is meaningful to you, that gives you a sense of purpose and from which you gain a feeling of accomplishment.

    The Wellbeing for UniSA Casual Staff Information Session was held in November last year at City East campus in partnership with UniSuper and Human Psychology.

    The seminar included four key information sessions to help you maximise your UniSA experience and harness the flexibility and mobility of being a casual employee.

    The 2-hour session was recorded, so those of you that couldn’t attend, can now access each of the video topics below:

    Work:Life Integration not Balance

    Instead of seeking strict separation between work and personal life,Work:Life we can allow the lines to blur more through use of technology and flexible work practices and shift work around on dimensions of time and space. The boundaries between work and home-life are increasingly indistinct and we need to rethink the traditional concept of work and life as two separate entities. True balance is rarely found whilst harmony through work-life integration is attainable.

    Click here to read the full article

    UniSA initiatives that support career wellbeing

    Learning and Development for Academics

    Workshops offered as part of the People Development and Performance team are developed with a key focus on, and to support UniSA's core staff attributes and crossing the horizon strategic action plan. Information on the suite of activities can be accessed below.

    Development program for academics
    Australian Aboriginal and Torres strait islander employment and development
    Manager essentials
    Women's development
    Academic Promotion and Podcasts of information sessions with SMG and HR 2016

    The opening of four new women's programs for the 2016 schedule include:

    Womens networking seminar Q&A with Gemma Cunningham, inklingwomen
    Developing your confidence fitness with Sharon Ferrier, Persuasive Presentations
    Speaking up and leading productive meetings Sharon Ferrier, Persuasive Presentations
    Career Strategies, pave your own way with Hayley Lokan lokanconsulting

    Specific details on these programs are available on the women's development website and through periodic staff announcements.


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    Financial Wellbeing

    - being satisfied with your standard of living

    Financial wellbeing is about having enough money so that you can generally live the life that you want. Interestingly, research shows that beyond having enough money to feel financially secure, more money does not increase wellbeing. However, it is important that you have enough money to meet your financial obligations so that you don't regularly worry about money (or the lack of it).

    Financial wellbeing is influenced by how your money is spent - giving to others and spending money on experiences improves an individual's wellbeing more than spending money on material things.

    UniSA initiatives that support financial wellbeing

    Useful links / resources

    Community Wellbeing

    -sharing a common purpose and engaging with those around you

    Community wellbeing is about feeling safe and secure in your environment so that you can actively engage in your communities. The many different communities to which you are a part (neighbourhood, work, volunteer, parent, study, sport or school) can all provide a sense of belonging and support. The more you engage with those communities, the greater sense of purpose and accomplishment you may feel.

    UniSA initiatives that support community wellbeing

    Useful links / resources

    • Volunteering Australia
    • UniSA and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service

      The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is a division of the Australian Red Cross. They are funded by the federal, state and territory governments of Australia to supply the community with safe, high quality blood and blood products, as well as organ and bone marrow services for transplantation. UniSA staff, students, alumni and community supporters work together each year to reach a corporate donation target - it is currently 1200 per year.

      Blood Donation
      There is a need for 27,000 blood donations each week in Australia, to meet patient demand in the hospitals. 1 in 3 of us will need blood in our lifetime, yet only 1 in 30 donates. Giving blood is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to make a difference to someone's life. The need for blood however never takes a break. Blood is still needed for cancer patients, trauma victims, and people losing blood during emergency and surgery and childbirth. Other people may need blood products regularly to stay alive or be healthy. Donating blood only takes an hour and every donation saves three lives. Plus, afterwards you get to relax with a drink and a biscuit - and feel good knowing you've saved three lives.

      To participate:

      1. Take the short Red Cross quiz to determine if you are eligible to give blood
      2. Call 13 14 95 to register with the Red Cross and obtain your donor ID
      3. Join the 'UniSA' Red25 team - once you have joined the group, with your donor ID, your donations made will automatically be added to the UniSA tally
      4. Start donating!

      More information

      For more information about donating please contact the Australian Red Cross Blood Service on 13 14 95 or visit www.donateblood.com.au.  For more information about UniSA's Red25 team please contact Juliet Mazzone


    UniSA provides staff with many rewards, initiatives, partnerships, events and facilities to support staff wellbeing. For a summary of these, click here.

    * Adapted from "The Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing' by Tom Rath & Jim Harter