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University Safety Management System

Safety Management System Flow Chart (pdf 198kb)

The university safety management system adopts a range of programs, activities and actions that systematically contribute to effectively managing hazards and risks associated with university business and improving the wellbeing of our people. These include:

  1. a policy stating the university's commitment and intent
  2. responsibilities outlining who is responsible for the various aspects of the system
  3. planned activities detailing what actions we will take during a defined period
  4. procedures, guidance, forms and checklists that provide the detail of how we will undertake our work safely
  5. a framework that includes a planned and systematic approach to managing health and safety risks in university workplaces
  6. training programs to educate our people to implement the requirements of the system
  7. provision of adequate resources to enable the implementation of health and safety activities
  8. mechanisms for consultation and communication between staff, students, contractors, volunteers, service providers and suppliers
  9. an electronic platform for reporting hazards and incidents and recording investigation outcomes and actions to prevent recurrence of injury
  10. an early intervention program if an injury or illness occurs
  11. testing and monitoring items that we rely on to keep us safe
  12. evaluating our activities to ensure they are working as intended
  13. reviewing our practices with a view to continually improving
  14. maintaining records all of the above so that everyone is clear about our system.