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Procedures & Guidance

WHS System Procedures
WHS System Guidance

WHS System Procedures are documents that define the university minimum requirements (mandatory) to be followed to ensure health and safety risk is systematically managed.

System procedures provide a clear set of WHS expectations to enable a consistent and efficient approach across the university. They are developed in consultation with relevant university stakeholders to ensure relevance and are based on legislative requirements and relevant Codes of Practice to assist those people with specific responsibilities to comply with the duties prescribed by the relevant Act or Regulations.

WHS System Guidelines are designed to assist the university to develop a practical and systematic approach to risk management. They are generally based on legislative requirements.

WHS Guidance notes are useful to assist with managing a health, safety or injury management issue in a consultative manner with employees or their representatives, in order to determine what is appropriate for each workplace.

If you require any information on procedures or guidance material please email the Safety and Wellbeing Team.