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Work Health and Safety Responsibilities

The University identifies Council members, Audit and Risk Management Committee members and the Senior Management Group as �officers� under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and accordingly they have a duty of care to meet and monitor associated due diligence requirements.

All �workers� are responsible to assist the university meet the obligations of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) and associated primary duty of care to a reasonably practicable standard by taking reasonable care in relation to their duties.

Due diligence requirements of officers are detailed in a quarterly reporting program to Council, Audit and Risk Management and Senior Management Group.

Specific work health and safety responsibilities are provided below:

Council, Audit and Risk Management Committee and the Senior Management Group are responsible for:

Heads of Schools and Directors of Units, Research Institutes and Centres are responsible for:

Managers, Principal Researchers, Academic and Technical Supervisors are responsible for:

Employees and students are required to follow reasonable instructions and work practices to maintain the health and safety of themselves and others, particularly when conducting experimental or untested activities.

Divisional and university professional health safety and injury management teams are responsible for:

The university team is also responsible for conducting internal audits to measure and evaluate performance, identify and communicate areas of success and consult with workplaces on activities requiring corrective action.