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Emergency and First Aid

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The university emergency and crisis management framework outlines processes for preparing and immediately responding to an emergency situation.

How do workplaces contribute to this framework?

Managers are required to assist with identifying emergency personnel for their workplace in consultation with their building Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).

Factors to be considered in the selection of emergency personnel include: 

Identified personnel are required to attend emergency training coordinated by the university.

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First Aid is the provision of immediate treatment or care to a person suffering from an injury or illness until more advanced care is provided or the person recovers.

First aid requirements will vary across workplaces due to:

What action is required of workplaces?

Responding to a medical emergency

All campus security staff are trained first aid officers and can be contacted to assist with medical emergencies where necessary. 000 should be called for life threatening emergencies.

Procedure for First Aid in the Workplace

WHS10 � First Aid Kit Contents List
WHS11 � First Aid Treatment Register

Workshop - Internal

Provide First Aid (New and Recertification)
Emergency Evacuation Officer - Warden, Building Evacuation Officer & Deputy,

Legislation & Guidance Materials
WHS Act & Regulations 2012 (SA)
Approved Code of Practice First Aid in the Workplace -2012
AS 3745-2010 - Planning for emergencies in facilities