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Samstag archive

Previous Samstag essays

2008 Louise Martin-Chew, Alternative Realities

2007 Timothy Morrell, Loose connections

2006 Wendy Walker, The memorable: ephemeral

2005 Peter Timms, Art in an Age of Anxiety

2004 Ken Bolton, New Brew: Export Quality Six-Pack

2003 Stephanie Radok, The Point of Knowing

2002 Russell Smith, Making The Makers

2001 Robyn McKenzie, Art and Research

2000 James Moss, The World is not Enough

1999 M.A. Greenstein, Back to the Future - From Wry to Rave

1998 Bruce James, Samstag '98: This Thing Called Art

1997 Ross Wolfe, Elephant Poo

1996 Ross Wolfe, Samstag's Class of '96

1995 Ross Wolfe, Samstag's Class of '95

1994 Ross Wolfe, Chaos in Heaven

1993 Ross Wolfe, Samstag: The First Millenium

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