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The Samstag Alumni

The 2001 Anne & Gordon Samstag
International Visual Arts Scholarships

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The art practice of Anne Kay is diverse and utilises a variety of means in response to different situations. Her materials are usually humble: often found, discarded objects unprepossessing in themselves, and the low-end technology of the slide projector. The conceptual processing which renders them art, is akin to the alchemist's secret of turning base metal into gold.

Invited to participate in Oblique - a site-specific art project based in the small town of Otira in the South Island of New Zealand, she took some Sculpee III modelling clay with her. Her Pocket Mountains were a response to the landscape encircling the town. Placed on an available car roof they marry with the ubiquitous tourist brochure image of the mirror-lake.

The urban environment is Kay's usual habitat and its issues her subject. After reading an evocative description from the early 1820s of a journey along Paramatta Road, now one of Sydney's most congested and 'dirty' thoroughfares then edged by a Turpentine Ironbark forest, Kay went in search of remnant bush preserved in a suburban parkland. In Picture Tree the image of a Blackbutt Gum, one of the trees she documented, appears on the screen of a plastic bag (now the endemic species of the area) as a luminous memory.

Making-do and allowing for happenstance, Kay's work is provisional by nature; its heroic/pathetic attitude (big themes/modest means) is what packs the punch.

Robyn McKenzie
From her Samstag catalogue essay
Art and Research


Anne Kay
Born 1958, Nasau, Bahamas
2001 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship
MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, USA
1999 Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), University of Western Sydney - Nepean, Sydney
1994 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney


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