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Student and Academic Services schedule exams at the end of each Study Period, as well as exams for mid year and end of year secondary assessments. If a course is to have a final examination date published on the official Examination timetable, Schools are responsible for ensuring exam requirements have been populated in Medici. Exam requirements entered in Medici must reflect exam details as outlined in the course statement. For a course to be included in the scheduling process for a particular exam period, Schools are responsible for updating Medici to reflect this. To assist staff with data validation, Medici has the ability to generate reports to confirm exam requirements entered.

Exam timetables

Exam SharePoint

The Exam SharePoint has been developed with the aim to provide relevant information and documents for staff to perform exam management requirements.

The information provided includes processes developed to ensure the integrity and conduct of examination management is consistent with University standards and where necessary are integrated with the Academic Policy and Procedures Manual.

External exam management



Alternative arrangements

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