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Result entry for OUA students

Results can be recorded in the Result Entry interface either directly or by uploading results via a formatted spreadsheet. They can also be entered directly in the grade roster via Medici.

The Result Entry interface has two levels of access:

The level of access for each staff member is a School-based decision.

When results have been saved as approved in the Result Entry interface, they are picked up by an overnight batch process and posted to the students record (and released to the student via myUniSA). The results can also be manually posted via the grade roster in Medici.

Important dates

Accessing Result Entry

The Result Entry interface can be accessed via the myTeaching pillar of the staff portal. If you experience any problems relating to access, please contact your School Timetabler.


Result entry for OUA students troubleshooting and support (Staff access only)


The Change of Grade form, and other Student related forms can be found on the forms page.


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