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Student systems reporting

Reports from the Student Systems are available in a number of formats on the web.  Reports provide the University community with lists and summarised data in respect to students and their study programs. 

Student data reports are available from the following sources:

Ad hoc requests for student data

If none of the report options above provide the information you need please submit a request for student data using the Business Intelligence and Planning (BIP) Requests for data form

To ensure the request is sent to the Information Services and Reporting team select 'Student and Academic Services' or 'Student and Academic Services - Adhoc' from the Area drop down list.

Please allow 4-7 days for ad hoc report requests to be filled.


Training in using each of these sites is available by booking sessions of 5 or more people with us.  We will try to organise a training room at your campus at a time to suit.