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Short Programs

Short Programs are educational programs delivered to an organisation which does not lead to the provision of a University award but which does lead to a level of academic or professional attainment.  More details about what activities are classified as short programs are available from policy A-53 Short Programs, Executive Certificates and Professional Certificates.

From 30 June 2009, all short programs will be administered using the University's student administration system, Medici version 9.0.  If you are undertaking the administration of short programs and do not already have access to Medici version 9.0, please visit the Medici Access Training section of the training page.

Short Program Approval

Templates have been produced which are required to be used to collate and present the information required for the approval of a new short program or amendment of an existing short program and setup in the student record system.

The short program must be approved and submitted to Student and Academic Services at least one month prior to the commencement of the program to enable setup in the student administration system.

Admitting Short Program Students in Medici

In order to admit students undertaking short programs, executive certificates or professional certificates into Medici version 9.0, staff will be required to ensure that the Short Program File Upload Template is completed with the relevant data.

Short Program File Upload Template (XLTM 40KB)


Completions and Certificates

The following form should be used to request Campus Central to process Short Program completions and certificates.  Please allow 7 working days for these requests to be actioned.

Short Program Completion & Certificate Request form (DOC 44KB)


If you require assistance with the Short Programs Admissions process, please contact the Business Analyst: Student Progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (Short Programs)