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Login screen for Medici v9.0Medici is the University corporate student administration system. It provides personal and academic information relating to all current and past students of the University of South Australia. Medici stores information for all students enrolled from 1991 and includes records for:

Access and training

Introduction to Medici version 9.0 training is the foundation for staff using Medici for the first time and includes an introduction to the use of PeopleSoft such as navigation, updating, search/match features and effective dating. This training is also the prerequisite for user access to the Medici student system.


User documentation for Medici is available on the User Documentation page.



Medici enquiry type Contact Extension
Academic Review Kelly New 21148
Admissions Hayes Yeung 22198
Class Schedules Student Finance and Enrolment 22290
Enrolment Student Finance and Enrolment 22290
Exams Bernadette Eyre 22506
Graduations Graduations 22194
Student ID's - students with more than one ID Leah Gentner 21755
Medici Panel Information (student bio/demo panels) Student Finance and Enrolment 22290
Program and Course data Sue Hallam 21765
Program Fees Alison Dall 21214
Result Entry Exams and Results 22755
Syllabus Plus Timetabling 21070