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Telephone directory entry

This email template is used to contact the Telephone Directory system administrator to create new telephone directory entries and update existing entries. It is not used for any other purposes.

In order to submit this form you must provide information in all fields.  The information requested is crucial in completing all Telephone Directory entries.  If you are unsure on some of the details, please check with your Manager or Local HR Officer prior to submitting the form.

If you wish to delete your entry, please provide your name and extension number to the IT Help Desk via email.

If you do not have a UniSA email address in the following format do not use this form:

 <firstname.lastname>@unisa.edu.au or <username>@mymail.unisa.edu.au

then please submit your changes via email to the IT Help Desk or as a self service call at http://www.unisa.edu.au/helpdesk 

Your 'Name', 'Personal Title' and 'Position Title' must be the same as shown in UniSAinfo.  If you require an update to any of these fields only, you do not need to complete this template.  Please contact your local HR Officer in the first instance, as authorisation must be received from your line Manager to change these details, which are done via the HR system.

Name of Person using extension
Personal title: Mr, Miss, etc
Your email address: (must be a UniSA email address)
New extension number 830 
If moving from extn 830 
Cost Centre -
Position title
Room number
Fax number 830 
Is this number shared with another person? 
If yes, please list the following  
Name of Person using extension
Personal title: Mr, Miss, etc
Position title
Fax number 830