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Kelly  2003

2007 Trev is driven 3020 km in the Greenfleet class of the World Solar Challenge, using only $33 worth of electricity.

2006  Trev is displayed at the Greenfleet Technology Trial and the Australian Grand Prix.

2005  We build Trev and display it at the World Solar Challenge.

2004  We complete the design work for our commuter car, Trev.

2003  Staff and students at UniSA start designing a commuter car. Kelly competes in the World Solar Challenge, finishing first in the production class and 8/22 overall.

2002  Ned competes in SunRace 2002, from Adelaide–Melbourne–Canberra–Sydney.

2001  Ned competes in SunRace 21C, from Adelaide–Melbourne–Canberra–Sydney. Ned and Kelly both compete in the World Solar Challenge. Ned finishes mid-field in 21st place; Kelly has electrical problems, and does not finish.

2000  Ned competes in SunRace 2000, from Sydney–Canberra–Melbourne. Ned leads the Adelaide World Environment Day parade. Regency TAFE joins the Consortium, and we start building our second car, Kelly.

1999  We finish building Ned. Ned competes in the World Solar Challenge, placing first in its class and 14th overall.

1998  Construction of the plug and moulds for Ned.

1997  Formation of the South Australian Solar Car Consortium. Detailed design of Ned.