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Solar Cars

Ned solarcar in 1999

In 1997, UniSA, Seaton High School, Fremont-Elizabeth City High and Annesley College formed the South Australian Solar Car Consortium. The aim of the Consortium was to help students design, build and race solar cars in the World Solar Challenge.

Our first car, Ned, debuted in the 1999 World Solar Challenge, where it came first in its class and 14th overall.

In 2000, Regency TAFE joined the Consortium and we started work on our second car, Kelly. Kelly was first raced in the 2001 World Solar Challenge.

Ned retired from racing and spent a year touring South Australian schools as part of a Sustainable Energy programme being run by The Investigator Science and Technology Centre.

TAFE SA ran Kelly in the 2005 and 2007 World Solar Challenges.


At UniSA, we are continuing our work with ultra-efficient vehicles by developing a low-mass electric vehicle powered entirely by renewable energy—Trev.