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From 2016, the University will provide an expanded array of senior leadership development contributions to add to existing programs. The initial focus of this initiative this year will be senior staff, including research centre directors, associate heads and deputy directors of units.

Executive coaching will soon be available to the senior leadership group, including SMG, Heads of School, Deans and Directors of Research Institutes and Units. Our approach to this individualised leadership development is highly customised, with coaches being drawn from a panel, which will allow for a greater diversity of coaching approaches, tools and expertise and potentially greater compatibility of coaching relationships. Coaching will be guided by an agreed coaching plan.

In addition to executive coaching, a number of masterclasses will offered by national experts in particular fields. In 2016 these will focus on:

These masterclasses will be available to members of the senior leadership group and, separately, to centre leaders, deputy directors and associate heads to allow for the tailoring of content and discussions to the distinct needs of the group.

In conjunction, HR will be working with Heads of School, research leaders and directors to identify and develop facilitated forums focused on the distinct leadership development needs of these groups.

Human Resources through its People Development and Performance team

will be supporting the design and delivery of these initiatives. The Vice Chancellor has established a Leadership Development Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Marie Wilson and including Professor Allan Evans, Ruth Blenkiron, Professor Pat Buckley, Associate Professor Joanne Cys, Sarah Cutbush, Professor Roger Eston, Greg Giles and Professor Nico Voelcker to guide the initiative and ensure it is meeting the development needs of senior staff.

Further information with more specific details of the program of activity will be distributed in due course.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Greg Giles (x21633), Manager of People Development and Performance in the HR Unit.

This is a significant development for the University and will be a major contributor to attaining our strategic vision of creating an enterprising workforce and workplace culture.

For further information, please contact
Greg Giles, Associate Director: People Development & Performance
Email: greg.giles@unisa.edu.au