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For UniSA, induction and staff development is a whole of institution responsibility.

Principal providers of professional and staff development are:

The People Development and Performance team which is one of six functional groupings that together form the University of South Australia's Human Resources Unit.

The PDP function, which is supported currently by 10 staff, brings together a number of HR specialisations including staff and organisational development, Indigenous employment & development, gender equity, business intelligence and management information analysis & reporting.

The core of the team's activities are focussed on provision of a series of staff development activities organised in the following groupings:

The team manages the University's corporate induction program, partners with the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research & Innovation in the provision of Early Career Research and Research Leadership programs, organises the academic promotion process, supports senior staff, provides strategic oversight, advice and support to senior staff events, disburses staff study support resources, oversees the Indigenous Employment Strategy and Indigenous Graduate Program, designs and delivers training and development activities outside of the main programs, and manages gender equity reporting requirements along with wider responsibility in the provision of Business Intelligence.

The team has a significant role in providing support for organisational development and has carriage of a number of long term projects that have been triggered by the adoption of a new UniSA strategic plan in late 2013.

The Learning and Teaching Unit which offers professional development opportunities, services and resources to assist academic staff enhance their understanding of UniSA's distinctive teaching and learning framework and develop their knowledge of, and practice in teaching & learning and research education. The LTU is currently in the process of restructuring and professional development support will soon be supplied instead by the Teaching Innovation Unit.

Other details of development support for research and research supervisors can be obtained for the research activity portal https://my.unisa.edu.au/Staff/Portal/myResearch/myResearchActivities/ResearchActivitiesServices.aspx.

This site has been developed as a guide to the wide range of induction and development opportunities available at UniSA and to provide some useful links to external sources of professional development.