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2018 sessions now open for registration!

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What it is

The Manager Essentials program is an induction to the role of manager, and designed for staff who are new to the University or new to a leadership role within the University. This one day induction event will provide managers with the HR information and resources to acclimatise to the University environment and their role as managers quickly and effectively.

What It Covers:

Participants will have the opportunity to meet and hear from a range of senior Human Resource professionals who will support participants to:

Who Should Attend:

Staff with responsibility for the supervision of staff are encouraged to attend Manager Essentials as part of their induction program. A "manager" may be defined as:

Detailed program - what to expect on the day

Manager Essentials Program 8 March 2016 (PDF 292kb) 

2018 Dates

All sessions are held at 101 Currie Street, Level 2 in the AU2-02 Training Room and run from 9.00am - 4.00pm.

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Registration Process

An exciting new online workshop registration process has been developed to assist in streamlining access, communication and approval. Follow these simple steps to register your interest.


To assist staff in using the new system a video tutorial has been developed - myHR online help guide.

Additional development initiatives offered by University of South Australia complement the manager induction and development program and that of our staff, for more information visit  http://w3.unisa.edu.au/staffdev/2.asp 

Please note: some development activities run by the Manager Induction and Development Program will be by nomination only.



Core Attributes of UniSA Staff 
Crossing the Horizon UniSA's strategic action plan 2013 - 2018 



Megan de Lacy, Consultant: Organisational Development
People Development and Performance
Human Resources
Email: Megan.deLacy@unisa.edu.au
Phone: (08) 08302 1636
Days of work: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Shirley Ball, HR Administration Assistant
People Development and Performance
Email: Shirley.Ball@unisa.edu.au
Phone: (08) 8302 1324

For general queries or workshop cancellations please contact: