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UniSA’s approach to supporting its leaders and strengthening leadership and management capability includes a confidential coaching service for senior staff.

Funding and management of the program

The coaching program is funded by the Human Resource Unit and is offered at no direct cost to senior managers. The program is managed by the Organisational Development team as part of UniSA’s senior staff development initiatives.

Graham Andrewartha’s credentials and coaching experience

The coaching service is provided by McPhee Andrewartha who has considerable experience working with UniSA. Graham Andrewartha, the principle coach, has been involved with the coaching program for over seven years.

Graham Andrewartha's knowledge of the University is a real plus - it helps to put the conversation and any suggested courses of action into context. The advice is very valuable both on a personal and a management development level.

Coaching sessions

Coaching is an interactive and developmental process that enables senior staff to find their own solutions, discover new possibilities and implement actions. The content and goals of the coaching sessions are jointly planned and usually occur four times a year with in between email and phone contact. Sessions are usually an hour in duration. Appointments are managed through the office of McPhee Andrewartha.

The coaching varies according to individual need but could include:

Benefits of coaching

An evaluation of the coaching program highlighted some of the benefits of the coaching program to include:

Participating in the coaching program

Senior staff can self nominate to participate in the coaching program on an annual basis. The nomination process is managed by Organisational Development (refer Kath Higgins) who liaises with McPhee Andrewartha. Appointments are managed by McPhee Andrewartha.

Staff who indicated that they do not want to participate in the coaching program can nominate to participate at a later stage, depending on an available place.

Newly appointed senior staff are contacted by Organisational Development and invited to participate in the coaching program.

Further information

Further information is available from:

UniSA – Kath Higgins, Senior Consultant Organisational Development

McPhee Andrewartha: Graham Andrewartha at graham@mcpheeandrewartha.com.au or 8357 1800.