Graduate Qualities

We want you graduate with a remarkable set of skills and qualities, so that you’re ready to take on the world as a stellar example of a UniSA grad, no matter what program you have studied.

Seven graduate qualities capture what we wish to instill in you while you are studying here as an undergraduate. Separately, we have developed a set of Research Degree Graduate Qualities.

A graduate of the University of South Australia:

  1. operates effectively with and upon a body of knowledge of sufficient depth to begin professional practice
  2. is prepared for life-long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice
  3. is an effective problem solver, capable of applying logical, critical, and creative thinking to a range of problems
  4. can work both autonomously and collaboratively as a professional
  5. is committed to ethical action and social responsibility as a professional and citizen
  6. communicates effectively in professional practice and as a member of the community
  7. demonstrates international perspectives as a professional and as a citizen.