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Web streaming of graduation ceremonies

UniSA now offers a live web stream of its graduation ceremonies held in Adelaide. This service will enable family or friends of graduating students to watch and listen to the ceremony live using their computer and an internet connection from anywhere in the world. Below is a link to the page where the ceremony will be available for viewing - please feel free to forward this to any family members or friends who can't make it to your ceremony but who would like to watch the event.

Link to Live web stream of UniSA graduation ceremonies

Please note: web streaming is only available during a graduation ceremony. For the schedule of ceremonies please see Ceremony dates and times. If you would like to view videos of the ceremony after the event, see Graduation ceremony videos. Please note the videos may not be available online until up to four weeks after the ceremony.

Important connection information

Windows Computers

Windows Media Player is the default player to view the live video stream, this is pre-installed on Windows computers. To view the live video stream simply click on the link and the video stream should start automatically. If you cannot view the feed in Windows Media Player you may need to open the video stream in an alternative media player such as VLC Media Player which is free to download and use. To open the feed in VLC Media Player select Media and then Open Network Stream, enter the address as show above and select Play.

You may experience the following pop up error message when you click the link before a live video stream of an event. Please allow a few minutes prior to the commencement of an event.

Web streaming errror dialogue box

Mac Computers

In order to view the web stream of the Graduation ceremonies you will need to install and use the software VLC Media Player on your Mac computer. This software is free to download. Once you have downloaded and installed VLC Player, open the program and click File and then Open Network. Enter the URL for the web stream as shown above and click Open.

The live web stream may not be available to view until a few minutes prior to the commencement of each ceremony.

If you would like to test the streaming prior to the ceremony please use the following test link http://unisanet-stream.unisa.edu.au/tvad