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Careers without borders

by Vincent Ciccarello

An exciting new, university-wide program will give UniSA students a broader international perspective, improving their global career prospects.

It’s a cliché but, more than ever, the world is a "global village".

Technological and social advances allow people with the right skills and experience to move through a variety of jobs, with different employers and in different places, with greater ease then ever before.

To help students join these "citizens of the world", to boost their career prospects and opportunities for them to live and work overseas, UniSA has introduced Global Experience, a new approach to intercultural learning.

Global Experience is a university-wide, extracurricular program, available to all onshore undergraduate students – domestic and international – from any discipline, at any year level, studying at any UniSA metropolitan campus.

It aims to build students’ international perspectives through the Global Experience Professional Development course and the "Experience Suite", which allows students to get credit for "international" activities ranging from overseas exchanges to UniSA language studies.

Dean: International in the Division of Business and Global Experience Manager, Associate Professor Vicki Feast says the new program allows students to determine their own preferred learning outcomes within a broad intercultural and international framework.

"Students already do a lot of intercultural learning, such as mentoring international students or volunteering for organisations with an international focus, that isn’t formally recognised," she says.

"Now, students who are out there, actively engaged in expanding their cross-cultural awareness can have their efforts rewarded by counting them towards Global Experience. It gives students the opportunity to package their experiences together and count them towards this additional certification on top of their degree.

"And those who want to move out of their comfort zone to learn more about living and working in a global environment have a new incentive to get involved."

The Professional Development course, which can be included in any undergraduate program as an elective, gives students the skills to network effectively with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and teaches them to manage their careers beyond a single organisation. It will include workshops with high-level representatives of some of SA’s leading companies.

"Global Experience is a very hands-on, outcome-oriented program that will give students a wide range of professional and personal development experiences," Prof Feast says.

"They’ll come away with a broadened international perspectives and practical skills to help them develop their careers."

To learn more and to register, students should go to the Global Experience website.

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