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Designing an ezine

  1. Plan your email campaign and ensure you have considered the following when designing your ezine
    1. Ensure copy and content of ezine is short, precise and in marketing speak
    2. Have a clear call to action
    3. The landing page needs to match the creative of the ezine without mixed messages
  2. Mandatory elements
    1. University approved logo;
    2. branding in accordance with UniSA style guide;
    3. subject line with meaningful context;
    4. clear and easy unsubscribe facility;
    5. inclusion of privacy link;
    6. high quality images with license; and
    7. typeface in accordance with UniSA style guide
    8. Inclusion of the CRICOS provider number 00121B
  3. Create your ezine using HTML (if you do not have HTML experience, see step 4)
    1. Use inline styling format
    2. Once the ezine has been created and tested in multiple browsers, copy the entire code into a new Hobsons template
  4. Create your ezine using Hobsons graphical interface
    1. Open Hobsons and create a new template using the graphical user interface
    2. If you have not used Hobsons before, please contact the Coordinator: Prospective Student Contact